Small and Medium Enterprises supporting the SportsUganda hubs.

SportsUganda is excited to invite individuals and institutions passionate about youth development to join hands with us in supporting our sports hubs. Our hubs, thriving centers for kids’ athletic growth, are in collaboration with diverse SMEs committed to providing nutritious foods and drinks. We extend an open call to potential partners who wish to contribute to the well-being of these aspiring young athletes. By purchasing items for the kids, you not only foster their athletic journey but also bolster the growth of our partnering SMEs. Your support goes beyond sports; it directly impacts local businesses dedicated to promoting health and well-being. Join us in making a positive impact on the future of these kids and the communities they represent. Together, let’s champion a healthier and more active generation.
$10 will provide a basket of fruits to nourish approximately 30 children in Uganda

Nakibuule Betty
NNakibule has been supporting The Best Bare Foot League by supplying the team with her tasty snacks. The team appreciates her help.

Nam, a local business woman, has been showing her support to the team by supplying the growing team with her tasty chapatis. The team is appreciative of her dedication to its future.

Kevo Fruits Supports The BestBareFoot League in the world through Woka1 Sports Development Centre in Kinoo, Kenya.

Emmanuel Supports The BestBareFoot League in the world through Score Beyond Leadership Organisation, Adjumani, Uganda

Zero dollar model allows communities to support sports programs. Robert Supports The Best BareFoot League in the World through Score Beyond Leadership Organisation in Adjumani.