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This is our dynamic partner ecosystem, where collaboration sparks innovation. As a team, we shape the future, fueled by diverse local and international expertise and unwavering dedication!

Rugby Club Luxembourg is one of Luxembourg’s oldest and biggest rugby clubs. Our goal is to promote what we truly believe to be the greatest of team sports and its core values of honesty, integrity, hard work and respect, both for your teammates and opponents VISIT THE WEBSITE

Promoting Physical Well being:
Enhance public health by encouraging active lifestyles through sports

Sports for Health Education Conservation and Tourism
Uganda is a beautiful country with one of the worlds youngest populations!
A well structured youth intervention based on one of nature’s most powerful forces [play] is a must! VISIT SITE

At St George’s we believe that learning should be accessible to everyone, with every child able to find the tools and opportunities they need to achieve their full potential within an environment that is fun and supportive. This philosophy is at the heart of everything that we do. VISIT THE WEBSITE

Getting a professional football contract is an incredibly tough challenge and only a very lucky few get to realise their dreams of being paid to play football. At North Somerset Regional Talent Centre we are experienced in preparing children for a future in football. VISIT THE WEBSITE

Lukango Tree Conservancy Limited (LuTreeCo) is an African social enterprise that conserves trees and shrubs that are native to tropical Africa, with emphasis on threatened species. We develop novel value chains that not only emerge from, but also support and advance, our conservation goals.

Enthusiasm, excitement and determination were exhibited. All communities we reached out to spoke of how much we need to do to quench the Quadball thirst as a new sport. Everywhere we went people promised to continue with Quadball. VISIT THE SITE

Mukono Galacticos Soccer Academy, based in Mukono, Uganda, is a community organization that uses football and chess to promote environmental conservation, education, and health. The academy engages youth in sports to instill teamwork, discipline, and strategic thinking, while emphasizing academic excellence and health awareness. Environmental initiatives include tree-planting, clean-up drives, and workshops on sustainability. By combining sports with education and environmental stewardship, the academy aims to cultivate a healthier, more educated, and environmentally conscious generation.