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Welcome to SportsUganda.

SportsUganda aims to provide a National Sports Development Programme for Uganda.

We identify and evaluate existing sports and recreation needs and the delivery of these services including recommendations that produce effective and efficient models of future service delivery. A key outcome is the development of a National Sports Development Programme (NSDP) that identifies the needs and service gaps in sport and recreation provision in Uganda.

The Call.

The state of sports infrastructure in all parts of Uganda is either dead or in a dire state. Sports personalities that have risen through the ranks to win accolades at the national, regional, and international level have either been self-made or through an “accidental” revelation to the sporting administration of the country and the specific districts, they hail from.

According to information provided by the National Council for Sports, most districts receive as little as 10,000 USD per annum as allocation for all the district sports infrastructure needs. This is far below the cost of constructing a moderate sports facility, which is approximately 25,000 USD.


Key Role.

An assessment of the appropriateness of and level of service provided by existing physical infrastructure.


Evaluation of and Support to the National Council for Sports regional sports and recreation role within the Region.


Providing sustainable strategies for the asset management of sports and recreation facilities and program development.

Sports & Recreation Infrastructure Development

Sports and recreation infrastructure is key to sports talent identification and promotion to reposition Uganda at an international level.

Career Development Opportunities:

  • Athletes & Coaches
  • Administrators and Facility Managers
  • Sports Science and Medical Practitioners
  • Event Organizers

Economic Contribution:

  • Infrastructure development
  • Sport Tourism
  • Employment Opportunities